2024 Membership Registration

Membership fee is due by May 1st.

Please check your email for the registration link.
If you did not receive an email with the link to register please email cvscmembership@gmail.com.

Follow the instructions for selecting your family rate and adding each household member.

The primary account member (Mom, Dad, or Single) will choose the pool membership group for the household. Example 1-person household member up to 6-person house hold members. This will determine your membership price. For any group larger than 1 person you need to add each additional household member as a “0 No cost member after family selection”. This will allow you to register each household member individually but only charged the base fee one time. This is an important step to follow. 

4-member household example. 
Select “4 household members” (This will be your first primary member) Then select “0 no cost member” three times once for each other household member. You will then add each member to your family.

Once complete you can check out. Don’t worry, you will be able to edit the membership before you sign off.

We look forward to having another great season and as always please reach out with any questions.

Have a Cherry Valley Day.

CVSC Membership



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